The Story of My Life

If Only People Could See the Blessings and Love of God...

I believe that every person in this world is not an accident, there is a purpose for each and every one of us. A calling that we must walk. Even as a kid, I was so curious about the purpose of my life. My parents wondered why a child at a young age would wonder about these things. They expected a normal kid. Despite my peculiarness, they gave me all the love in the world and even more. I could not thank them enough for dedicating their life to me and for always supporting me all the way. I’ve got the best parents. I will never be deserving of their love, but God Almighty has blessed me so much. If only people could see the blessings and love of God, this world would be such a beautiful place. If only people’s eyes were drawn to God, He will take away the heaviness and sufferings this world has added on their shoulders. If only.

When God Calls You, Get Ready For a Journey of a Lifetime

When I was 18 years of age, I began to seek answers to questions that have been floating in my mind since I was a child. Why am I here? What's my purpose? How can I fill the void in my heart? I was drowning. I tried to fill the missing pieces of my heart everywhere. But I found nothing. I found myself drifting away with bad vices and pursuing things that don't hold any meaning. I've hurt my parents more than words can say. They've witnessed their little Simon falling apart. I still cry when I remember those moments.


During those dark moments of my life, God found me. I heard the word of God through the voice of our pastor. At first, I thought I was joining a cult. That was the funny part. But nothing is stronger than the love of God. There is no end to His love. Slowly understanding these things, I decided to be baptized. I felt like a brand new person.

It is Not Too Late to Change

Every time I see young people, I can see my self in them. I pray for them that one day when the time is right, they will be saved. It's always different for everyone, but one thing is for sure, God is never late. I pray for the readers of this blog. My heart wishes you well. Our Father in heaven never forgotten you and He loves you dearly. If you are in a limbo of darkness, it is not too late to get out.

I hope that one day, I will see you at our church. People have the wrong impression about Mennonites. I have nothing against those people, but I hope that they could take the time to visit us, so through the help of our Father, we may share them the love of God in the purest and sincerest way.

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