A Young Man’s Place

As a young man, I’ve always tried to do what my parents told me. At times it could be hard, some other times much easier. I always look for the bright side of things. No complains. But the more I know about the world, the more I struggled with all the thoughts inside my head.

I have been a very religious person. I started my days with a morning prayer after I wake up; I prayed before and after each meal; pray before I ride the car and when I arrive at school. I also pray before bedtime.


I was deeply thinking about traveling. All my 19 years of existence have been here at home! I have not been anywhere at all. The first country that came into my mind is Netherlands. The place of the cleanest people. I only know about Netherlands through online searches. I fell in love with the country right away. Now the problem is how to get there – if only a round trip airfare to Amsterdam would be affordable for my budget.

Going to Amsterdam is one problem, getting the money to afford it is another.  Well, we can’t have everything in life.  One may afford to buy a round trip flights to Amsterdam, while myself can’t.



Finding My Place in the World

I’ve read about many books on personality development and life goals.  In fact, most of my time are spent to reading them online.  I scan through every web blog and review sites – traffic-masters.net review to be specific.

Here are a few tips from my notes:

Create a Goal Outline.

The more plans you have, the more harder it is to accomplish them if you do not make an outline.  If you see yourself doing some pattern, you will know how to avoid them.

Pursue What You Love.

stop waitingIt’s fair to say I love reading.  I spent almost my waking hour just reading.  I also come to realize, I love to go places.  My dream vacation would be spending a 2-week spring break to Amsterdam.  I know for a fact that there are so many great Amsterdam sights to see.  The tulips and the canal looks very charming.

Be Aware of Your Social Posts

FaceBook and Instagram have taken the world like a storm.  This whirlwind romance with social media has never been like this.  Many people in the past days have been very engaging to comment on politics and social issues and ended up parting ways.

Live Life As An Adventure

Most life coaches suggest to live life.  Go out and experience it.  There’s no substitute to experience.  Make sure to use  discount and promo codes such as abubot discount code to minimize cost or the aliexpress coupons for new users whenever you decide to go out and have fun!


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