Joining a Church Community

If you have a current church community where you have been a member for years but you and your family need to move to a new neighbourhood far away from your old church, it's important that you find a new church community. Christian life will never be complete without fellowship. You will need the support of your co-believers in Christ. It is easier said than done especially you will have to go through some major adjustments. But don't worry, we have been there.

Be Open to New Friends

It was Amsterdam holiday on the Amsterdam bezienswaardigheden de wallen when we held our first congregation meeting. I was apprehensive at first because the room was filled with strangers. I was hesitant to talk to anybody. Our pastor said that it was completely normal to feel that way. He reminded me why we were on that trip, to share the gospel of God. Even I'm uncomfortable, I tried talking to everyone. The more I open myself to possible new friends, the more blissful it become.

Every Church Community is Different

It's really hard not to compare one community church to another. You will miss your friends, your pastors, and even the ways of your previous congregation. It happened to me. This trip made me homesick knowing that I will have to stay here for a month. So, I had to ease my homesickness, I went to Amsterdam bike rental. I decided to take a stroll so I could get used to the city. The stroll helped me realized something, "I should stop comparing" and you should, too.

The more you think about it, the more you'll become homesick.  Seize the moment.  Soon, you'll see that trying out a new thing - does not really matter if kode voucher promo blibli is too much of a fuss - you'll enjoy your new community.

Show Up and Be Yourself

All of these feelings of apprehensiveness will fade in time. Just show up and be yourself. Test the waters. You don't have to pretend to be someone you are not. A congregation that is perfect for you, is a congregation who will accept you for who you are. A church community should be a safe haven that is ready to welcome you. Christianity is not about persecuting one another. It is about loving and helping one another to become more of Christ.

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