Frequently Asked Questions

What do Mennonites believe in?

We are followers of Jesus and His teachings. We believe that salvation could only be achieved by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour. He died and suffered on our behalf once and for all, so that we may live our lives to the fullest.

Do you have strict rules for clothing or a dress code?

There are some groups who will require you a dress code. Our church doesn’t. What do we expect from newcomers is respect. Newcomers may wear any decent clothes appropriate for the occasion.

I want to be of service in spreading the word of God. How?

Our church welcomes newcomers and invites them to be part of what we do. We encourage the joiners to attend our services for at least six months prior to joining the trips and mission activities as we want them to get ready. As much as possible, we want them to fully grasp the mission and vision of our church.

What ministries do you have at your church?

Our church is composed of several ministries: Youth, Couples, and Missionary Ministries.

What will be my commitments if I decided to convert?

The members of our congregation are committed to being faithful, to always tell the truth, to avoid swearing, and to live our lives into the image and likeness of God. If we are unsure of how to react or what to do, we always ask ourselves the question, “what would Jesus do? “.

What’s in it for me?

You will have an amazing company who dearly loves Jesus. You’ll know more about Jesus, what he has done, and the blessings He has for you.

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