Sharing The Love of God Online

The world has changed so much. Before, we rely on newspapers to get the message across. Later on, television took over but now, it’s time for social media and other platforms online to dominate the sharing of information.

How I Started

I am Mennonite yet I love tech. It might sound strange but yes a believer of Jesus can be techie too. Prior to my personal blog about being a Mennonite, I have a tech blog. I write reviews about gadgets that I find useful. I always keep in mind the interest of my website visitors, so I use the service of internet abonnement vergelijken postcode to make my bandwidth more competitive. I find writing soothing and the thought of sharing valuable knowledge makes me feel good inside. I started by doing something I love so the whole journey became a part of me.

Setting Up My First Website

I don't really want to make things complicated for you so let me share simple things I did when I was setting up my first website. To build a website is like building a business. You need people to see it. It's not enough to have good contents, you need to buy website traffic - the review web visitors are the best. However, you don't want to overspend either. Research on cheap website traffic and where to get them. I got mine really cheap because I used the voucher kortingscode bestseller shop to get 30% off during checkout.  Your goal should be two things: share useful knowledge based on your niche and drive traffic to your site.

I had my downtimes

It was not always about rainbows and butterflies, I had my downtimes though I'm used to book Amsterdam hotels near train station to go on some Amsterdam sightseeing booking to pass the time soul- searching. There were times that I'm having doubts whether my work holds any meaning. During the first months, I had no visitors. I kept on researching on what things I should be doing. I learned that I need to buy traffic for website or else my website would be for nothing. I'm still doing what I do probably because I am too hard-headed.

Just Enjoy The Journey and Keep Learning

I believe that work will be like play if you enjoy what you are doing. There will be hardships for sure. But if you believe in what you do, don't stop. Enjoy and keep learning more.

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